It’s easy to feel hopeful on a beautiful day like today.
But in the end we all face difficulties.
Everyone has dark days when they feel alone, lost and buried.
And the most powerful things that helps us move forward is ahope
And we want to become a hope for those who need it most
We believe the transparency is a key and share our life here
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Revealing our insights on building engaging digital experiences in healthcare
In this interview, we asked Max - Nozomi's CEO - to reflect on what we've learned while creating digital health experiences in healthcare for 2 years.
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3 min read
The way to create and validate digital health ideas quickly & cost-effectively
In our fast-paced world, you can witness the birth of innovative ideas every day. Yet, when considering the statistics, 9 out of 10 ideas fail upon implementation. And we are not talking about all ideas — we are talking solely about the most promising ones that can change the game. It is a complicated and bleak reality. But why do ideas fail? These thoughts inspired us to create the Nozomi Workbench solution — a quick, fully transparent, and cost-effective service for testing new digital health solutions.
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How we communicate our values inside Nozomi?
What comes to your mind when you hear the "Corporate culture" concept? Most people imagine it as a desirable workplace - with ping-pong tables, happy hours, free cookies and cushy benefits, right? But how to create a great culture when your team works remotely? Delicious cookies in the office kitchen are great, but is it the key to strong company culture?
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5 min read
Wrapping up Nozomi Q3/2022
Hey everyone, Max is on the line. I hope everyone is having an amazing day. As for me personally, I traveled a lot, talked with amazing people, and hopefully managed to know this world a little bit better.
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6 min read
Nozomi inside: digital health products creation insights
As healthcare product developers ourselves, we want to provide you with some take-aways and lessons we learned to prepare you for some of the obvious and "not so obvious" mistakes you're likely to commit along the way.
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6 min read
Behind the rebrand: 8 main questions to Max, CEO & Founder at Nozomi Health
We are excited to present a new era in the growth of our company - we’re now known as Nozomi Health!