It’s easy to feel hopeful on a beautiful day like today.
But in the end we all face difficulties.
Everyone has dark days when they feel alone, lost and buried.
And the most powerful things that helps us move forward is ahope
And we want to become a hope for those who need it most
Shape, design and build the ideal digital health experience

There are serious challenges in healthcare and seriously good digital solutions need to be created.
With years of experience in the market Nozomi can ensure brilliant ideation and execution of the most advanced products, bringing amazing experience to patients.

How we work
End-to-end whitebox partner
Focus on design and emotions

It doesn’t take much digging to discover that a lot of digital health products are poorly designed and built, especially when compared with the slick experiences we’ve come to expect from other areas of our digital lives.

Security and compliance

With the use of our QMS and a number of best practices, we’re able to launch products that comply with the latest security and medical standards.

Speed up the development

By avoiding building some features from the bottom up, our team is able to use our existing components to reduce time of the development and hiring.

Special process
“Nozomi inside” - playbook

This playbook was initially created as a guidance for us. And now we’d like to show our guts and tell some insights of our product development process.

Coming soon