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The way to create and validate digital health ideas quickly & cost-effectively
Dec 15, 2022
3 min read

In our fast-paced world, you can witness the birth of innovative ideas every day. Yet, when considering the statistics, 9 out of 10 ideas fail upon implementation.

And we are not talking about all ideas — we are talking solely about the most promising ones that can change the game. It is a complicated and bleak reality. But why do ideas fail?

We’ve worked with lots of early-stage companies (and we have been the startup founders ourselves) to get to the bottom of the issue.

Fixed costs, decreasing time to go on the market, and high costs of changes and amendments are the struggles to fight with as they lay obstacles on the way to success. To succeed in this challenge, your company needs to be lean, flexible and efficient right from the outset. Unfortunately, many companies fail to have such an opportunity and run out of money before they can even make the first pivot. Just imagine that for success, you sometimes need 2–3 pivots.

The most unfortunate thing is that we all are losing so many innovative ideas and opportunities that could genuinely help people. Thus, our mission is to ensure the most important and life-changing solutions succeed in the market. We aim to give companies the best prospects to introduce original ideas to the market, bringing positive change in people’s lives.

These thoughts inspired us to create the Workbench solution — a quick, fully transparent, and cost-effective service for testing new digital health solutions.

We want to create new ideas development cheaper and quicker to implement, with less VC. It will help diminish the risk for the companies, so they are not afraid to try new things and present innovations faster to the world. This way, it will be more likely for new solutions to have a chance to impact the market and people’s lives.                 Max Mamoyco  — CEO of Nozomi

Build & validate ideas fast and cheap, but how?

Workbench is a platform where you can easily construct your prototypes or MVPs from our template base, with no tech and product team required.

A large number of developers use drag-and-drop templates. Even though they are faster and cheaper than the development team, you may have trouble configuring them because they are not flexible.

Workbench offers something completely different. You get the simplicity and speed of creating applications, as in “no-code” and the flexibility to create exactly what you need, which is usually only possible with a custom build.

Our product team will help you complete and deliver your product quicker and cheaper, following the right strategy and supporting you further with user validations, consulting for the product and customer-related questions.

Let’s shed more light on this solution and analyze its main features.

1. Pre-built Library With App Templates.

Working in the digital health industry allowed us to create our database of features templates, which helps to develop products cheaper & faster and accelerates the product’s entry into the market. It will allow you to iterate and validate your hypothesis faster.

2. Assigned Product Expert During The Whole Journey.

We always say that to be successful, it’s important to be lean & efficient, but it’s not only about it. Early-stage startups occasionally lack product expertise and are prone to blunders that will end up costing them significantly in the long run. To help you focus on the essentials at the outset, validate your idea after delivering the product, and help with devising future product strategy, we assign a Digital Health Product Expert to your project.

3. Expectations and Requirements Management.

You can better grasp what you are getting with the help of Workbench without having to go through a lengthy sales process (yes, we know it exhausts many people).

As different features/templates cost vary based on the complexity of the product being created, you can easily adjust prices and timelines to your demands.

Given that companies can reduce their risks by starting with modest and steady results, it would appear that this offer is more reasonable and risk-free.

How does the platform work? The process is very simple and does not require much time!

The first step: Choose Your Goal

The second step: Choose The Base For Your Future Product

Pick from the world’s favourite health products — find ones whose concept is similar to your idea. Popular apps might be found here to inspire you.

The third step: Adjust The Features You Need

Add features to your template (like push notifications, video calls, or Google login) and take away those that your idea doesn’t need. Additionally, based on the complexity of the features being built, you can customize the pricing with a timeline here.

The fourth step: Plan Your Delivery

Do you want your project to operate on IOS, Android or Web? Would you like us to help design it? And how fast do you need it ready to go? You are free to decide.

The fifth step: Communication and an Expert Opinion

Our team contacts the project partner in one business day and discusses the product and its concept (usually via video call). The project partner can intercommunicate with our team throughout the entire process.

In case of further interest in cooperation from the partner’s side, we shake hands in agreement, make a Roadmap and form a development contract. In case of a lack of interest, the partner can always retain the developments for themselves.

The sixth step: Delivery

We communicate with our partners along the development phase (which we refer to as the “delivery” of a product) to track the expected result and present intermediate prototypes for further discussion.

∞ step: get product support

After releasing a product, we become a consultant who assists you with the product and customer-related questions.

And now for the exciting point to mention.

And we would like to thank our entire team 🙂

Our entire company was involved in creating this product because our goal was to furnish the product with all the necessary functionality on every side.

The Product team solved the conundrum of the most popular features on the market. The team even put together a big stack of ideas for this purpose, comparing the most prevalent elements of the most popular applications on the market (dividing them into various areas).

The Design & Development team was directly responsible for the design & development of the code as well as the pricing algorithm. All our partners can get acquainted with it.

And the Marketing team implemented a marketing strategy. Thanks to them, we can share this article for you to get acquainted. For the sake of your idea’s prosperity, we hope you are motivated to try out our product 🙂

Finally, since we recently launched this product, we have come up with the idea to give the first ten users a discount — get a chance to become the lucky one.

You can get acquainted with our product by This Link.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us via email:

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Subscribe to your monthly dose of Digital Health insights
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