It’s easy to feel hopeful on a beautiful day like today.
But in the end we all face difficulties.
Everyone has dark days when they feel alone, lost and buried.
And the most powerful things that helps us move forward is ahope
And we want to become a hope for those who need it most
Better mental health care for students
Product Design, UX/UI Design, Development
Android, iOS
All young people should have conditions for mental health and well-being. It is a fundamental factor for student health and good school results.
About the project

Every year in Sweden, the number of children with mental illness is growing. It’s the reason Allbry started working on this issue.

Last year we started a partnership with Allbry with the aim of making mental health support for younger people accessible.

Allbry makes it easier for student health teams and counsellors to offer their students support, when and where needed. With the help of chat and video calls, students can get help faster than in physical meetings, while the same strict rules on privacy and integrity apply. It is also easy for the tutor and the rest of the school’s staff to map, administer and report – all in the same flexible interface.

Right now already 87 schools are using Allbry platform, it means that we already affected life of almost 10K students.

story behind the scenes
How our partnership affected children’s mental health

Read our recent interview with the CTO Allbry – Haris about Allbry solution and how it impacted children mental health in Sweden.

Partner’s review

“We interviewed many studios before we started to work with Nozomi Health.
We chose this company because we wanted to work with a studio with an acceptable development capacity.
The partner should dedicate themselves to the processes and come up with ideas rather than just develop an application for our requirements.”

Haris Sejdic
Co-Founder & CTO of Allbry
Excited to give it a try?
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