Streamlining Mental Health Services for Schools
What was done
How It Looks
Nozomi helped to design and develop empathetic and intuitive digital experiences with the goal of engaging users and satisfying their needs, leading to positive adoption of the technology.
Ready to deliver the best experience?
The Situation
Allbry, a telemedicine company dedicated to providing mental health support for young people, is facing a daunting obstacle with their first version of the platform. Despite its noble intentions, the platform is struggling to keep up with the demands of a growing user base. It is not scalable, lacking the capacity to support a large number of students. Furthermore, engagement is low due to outdated design and lack of some features. Allbry must find a solution in order to truly make a difference in the mental well-being of young people.
We are giving a hope to those who need it most
The Solution
Delivering apps for each party & providing engagement experience.
We created 4 apps for all parties, taking into consideration needs of each of them & making straightforward & engaging experience.
“Our previous app was very small with very few features and the retention rate was low. In the new app we notice that features are now self-explaining and usually don’t need to the guided. From user feedback we very often get the feedback of how good it is looking and how easy it is to use. This is the result of good UX and self-describing UI features.”
Haris Sejdic - Co-Founder & CTO Allbry
1. Discovery
Defining project scope, logic & emotional user needs and developing design & tech vision
2. UX Design
Understanding specific needs and pain points to create empathetic & intuitive digital experience
3. UI Design
Creation of engaging user interface which triggers right emotions at right time
4. Tech realisation
Bringing digital experience to life by building a fully functional solution.
Our strategy
We help our Allbry to get the most out of digital health - starting with ideation to solution development.
How We Did That
Mobile app for students to book appointments, hold video calls and chat with counsellors.
Student mobile app
Mobile app for counsellors to manage appointments, hold videocalls, collect and manage output data from appointments.
Counsellor mobile app
Web app for school administrators to manage school account and view analytics about students mental health
Principal web app
Admin web app to create and manage schools and users.
Admin web app
The Results
Increase retention rate & the overall users’ satisfaction
We managed to kick off the 4 projects in just 6 months. We deliver 2 mobile apps for student and counsellors and 2 web apps for admin and principal, being able to create intuitive and empathetic experience for each party.
On the previous platform Allbry has around 10 users. On the new platform Allbry has 87 schools, which means that we already impacted almost 10,000 students in Sweden, and it’s continuing to grow.
Engagement of a new users increased by 25% due to the overall improvement of logic and visual solutions
Improved navigation reduced the time to find necessary information by 12%
Logical and Visual solutions increased daily user activity by 28%
Day Activity
Solving the current App problems reduced abandonment by 15%
Left the App
“Nozomi's work was phenomenal, both the client and the end-costumer loved it. Their team excelled at collaborating and problem-solving. They were agile, creative, and communicative.”
Haris Sejdic - Co-Founder & CTO Allbry
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